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The Electric Speed Shop was born out of a passion for electric vehicles. A passion that is focused on the conversion of sports and muscle cars to electric.  A conversion removes the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle and installs an electric motor.

The dream is to open an electric speed shop; A physical garage focused on building customer electric sports cars, converting combustion engines to powerful clean electric and customizing your electric vehicles (EV).

So what is the electric speed shop until then? Its a blog and brand devoted to bringing you EV knowledge, interviews with personalities from the EV market and featured articles on custom conversions. Along with that we perform quick analysis on possible conversion cars. Once we start conversions, every step will be documented and shared. Help us grow with your support! See what services we currently offer!

Our “Speed Shop Blog” will document our progress as we grow this blog into brand, then into a electric speed shop. We will also post “how-to” articles for planning and designing your own conversions. Our goal is to share everything we learn along the way.

The “Q&A Sessions” page will feature articles highlighting custom conversions as well as interviews with companies and EV advocates.

Under “EV news” you will find articles written about exactly that; Posts focused on bringing you what you need to know about changes to the EV market, EV startups and advances in technology.

The most important part of all the above, to us, is that The Electric Speed Shop is a brand that you know and trust to bring you the best, most accurate EV news, updates, and information. We can only do this with your support. Engaging  us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Your likes, comments and shares of our content mean more than you can imagine!

Contact us @ : info@electricss.com

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1188 NE 47th St
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